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Moisture Guard Plus®

Provides an extra layer of waterproofing protection to help prevent damage from ice damming and windblown rain. A self-adhering modified-bitumen underlayment that creates a watertight barrier by sealing to the deck and around nails to provide continuous protection year after year. Helps protect the entire deck of a properly ventilated roof or just in problem areas where water collects or drainage is slow.

Moisture Guard Plus®

Limited Warranty
  • 5-year Product Limited Warranty
  • Use Moisture Guard Plus® and TAMKO® shingles together over the entire deck with proper ventilation for maximum roofing protection
  • Extra roofing protection for vulnerable areas. Use on valleys, eaves, flashings, hips, ridges, rakes and around dormers and skylights
  • Self-adhesive backing seals to the deck. SBS-modified asphalt coating helps seal around nails for a watertight finish
  • Split-plastic release film eases installation and handling
  • Can be used in new construction or in reroofing requiring a complete tear-off
  • Helps extend the life of your roof
  • Fiberglass mat is stronger and provides better tear resistance than saturated felt
  • Easy to install
  • Nonskid surface for better traction and safer application
  • Provides extra protection under most types of roofing including tile, wood shake, asphalt, slate or composite shingles. Not recommended for use under metal roofing. Use TAMKO TW Metal and Tile Underlayment or TW Underlayment under metal roofing applications

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Use personal fall protection devices when working on a roof. Personal fall protection devices, safety glasses and hearing protection must always be used when applying Moisture Guard Plus underlayment. Moisture, frost or debris will decrease the traction when walking on Moisture Guard Plus underlayment. Applicator safety is of utmost importance.

Moisture Guard Plus®

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UL Listed for

  • UL Prepared Roofing Accessory Label

Tested in Compliance with

  • ASTM D 1970

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Moisture Guard Plus®