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All shingle limited warranties are not created equal—and nowhere is this more evident than on multifamily housing. When you compare the amount of upfront coverage, as well as the overall length of the Limited Warranty, you’ll find that Heritage® Series shingles from TAMKO® simply offer a better option to protect your investment. And with an extensive selection of styles and colors available, you’re also sure to find the perfect choice for your building.

See complete Residential Roofing Limited Warranty for details, view the qualifying shingle options, or contact us for assistance with your multifamily housing project.  


Comparision Chart

*This example is based on competitors’ Standard Limited “Lifetime” Warranties and TAMKO’s Heritage Premium shingles Limited Warranty. This is only an example. Actual costs of shingles will vary by type and region. Installation labor costs will also vary by region, complexity of roof, roof slope, walk-ability, number of stories, etc. Labor cost does not include tear off, removal or disposal of shingles. See TAMKO’s Limited Warranty for complete details.

**At the end of the Full Start Period the labor costs are typically subtracted from the coverage.

***At the end of the Full Start Period, the shingle usage is calculated and subtracted from the shingle cost: To calculate shingle usage, take the total elapsed months from the installation date and divide by the total months of the Limited Warranty. Most competitors’ Limited “Lifetime” Warranties limit the warranty length to 480 months (40 years) with a 5-year Full Start Period on multi-family applications, so you would divide by 480. For example, if you have owned your building for 10 years, at the beginning of your 11th year your shingle usage would be: 12 months x 10 years = 120 months. 120 months ÷ 480 months = .25, or 25% shingle usage.

The total months of the Limited Warranty for Heritage® Premium or Heritage® Vintage® shingles is 600 months (50 years) with a 20-year Full Start Period, so you would divide by 600 at the beginning of the 21st year. The total months of the Limited Warranty for Heritage® shingles is 360 months (30 years) with a 15-year Full Start Period, so you would divide by 360 at the beginning of the 16th year.