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It pays to compare limited warranties Heritage Series shingles Limited Warranty offers the longest up-front protection available While most competitors standard limited lifetime warranty coverage value drops significantly after 10 years See the difference for yourself with our Limited Warranty calculator

It pays to compare Limited Warranties. Heritage Series shingles offer a 15 or 20-year Full Start Period.


It’s not the length of the limited warranty that matters most. It’s the length of the Full Start Period. Heritage® Series shingles offer a 15-to 20-year Full Start Period—the critical period of time in which both shingles and the labor to install them are covered at 100%. Labor does not include tear off, removal or disposal. See TAMKO's Limited Warranty for complete details.

Discover the value of having the 15- to 20-years of Full Start coverage that comes standard with Heritage® Series shingles. Compare the coverage value for yourself with our Limited Warranty Calculator and see the Limited Warranty for details.

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