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All MetalWorks Shingles are now Energy Star qualified.

Energy Saving Options

Energy-efficient shingles from TAMKO® are designed to reflect more of the sun’s energy compared to ordinary shingles. This helps to lower roof temperatures and thus reduce the amount of energy required to cool your home. 
MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate - Sequoia Red

Energy-efficient roofing from TAMKO—a smart way to save.

Choosing to build or remodel your home with energy-efficient roofing products is a great way to reduce your cooling costs. And when you make it a cooling cost cutting offering from TAMKO, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty, performance and affordability in the process.

TAMKO manufactures certain roofing products that, when used upon certain existing roof types, are listed by ENERGY STAR® for their radiative properties.

*Reduction in cooling cost, if any, will vary depending on the individual structure to which the material is applied.

Save Money with TAMKO Energy Saving Products*

MetalWorks® Steel Shingles

Deliver the solar reflectance performance that characterizes cool roof products.