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EverGrain® Envision® and EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws

Offer an innovative way to assure strength and stability in the installation of your deck, while adding an attractive look that is color-matched to EverGrain Envision and EverGrain decking.

  • Head Design
    The leading edge of the head is designed to cut cleanly through the board surface to provide a smooth finish and small reveal.  A T20 star drive offers more points of contact to reduce cam-out and eliminate excessive wear on the screw head and bit.
  • Screw Design
    The unique trilobular shank reduces material displacement and reduces torque on the screw for easier drive. The sharp thread profile easily drives through the board, while the reverse thread design at the top captures displaced material and increases pull down power.
  • Type 99 Double Slash Point
    Cuts through material for a fast start and easy penetration.
  • ACQ Compatible
    Coating provides three protective layers that pass 1500 hour salt spray tests and guard against rust and corrosion when used with chemically treated wood.
  • Color-matched to EverGrain and EverGrain Envision decking
  • 20-year Limited Warranty against corrosion when used to install EverGrain Envision decking*

Available EverGrain Colors

Available EverGrain Envision Colors

*20-year Limited Warranty is applicable ONLY when used to install EverGrain or EverGrain Envision decking. For installation in all other types of decking material, this product is sold "AS IS" without warranties, expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to the implied warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or any other obligation or other liability on the part of the manufacturer or supplier. For information regarding or to receive a copy of TAMKO's Limited Warranty, contact your local TAMKO representative, view online or call 1-800-641-4691.
**Special Run EverGrain Color:  Contact your dealer or TAMKO for more details.

EverGrain® Envision® and EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws

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EverGrain® Envision® and EverGrain® Composite Deck Screws