The TAMKO® Story—1944–2014

Since 1944, the TAMKO story has been one of innovation, quality and long-standing customer relationships. Though a lot has changed since we introduced our first shingle over 70 years ago in a Joplin, Missouri streetcar barn, one thing remains the same: our commitment to constantly moving the industry forward with a wide variety of building products.

Our seven decades of success is the direct result of teamwork, enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, and our company-wide commitment to continuous improvement, including the Six Sigma program, a business strategy and management philosophy designed to improve our processes and products.

Vertical integration is also a key part of TAMKO’s success. We are a vertically integrated company, owning and operating several of our own raw materials plants. Maintaining greater control over the entire manufacturing process allows us to deliver consistent supply by reducing shortages and delivery times.

Today, TAMKO remains headquartered in Joplin—the very place it first began— and operates additional manufacturing facilities and warehouse facilities across the country in order to serve its customers with roofing and decking products.

Take a look below at our latest innovations in building products, and discover how each innovation set the foundation for where we are today.

TAMKO Vertical Integration


TAMKO® was Founded

E.L. Craig founds TAMKO in an old streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. The company begins production with a single line.


Heritage® is Introduced

TAMKO introduces its first heavyweight double-layer (laminated) shingle called Heritage Rustic Charm Asphalt Shingles. The shingles were an organic based, random butt design consisting of two separate layers that were bonded together off-line. The color line included four colors—Cedar, Redwood, Slate and Black.


Awaplan is Introduced

TAMKO pioneered the use of SBS-modified bitumen for commercial roofing in America with the introduction of Awaplan. Today, Awaplan remains the gold standard in roll roofing.


Fiberglass Heritage® is Introduced

TAMKO took the beauty of architectural laminated shingles to the next level with its introduction of fiberglass Heritage Series shingles, offering an attractive color selection.


TAMKO Adds Cements & Coatings

TAMKO adds a complete line of 100% asbestos-free cements and coatings, meeting contractors’ needs with installation speed, convenience and application versatility.


TAMKO Adds EverGrain®

With the purchase of composite manufacturing equipment in Lamar, Missouri, TAMKO begins production of EverGrain—the industry’s only compression molded composite decking product.


TAMKO adds MetalWorks®

TAMKO expands its residential shingle offerings with the acquisition of MetalWorks Steel shingles, which offer classic roofing looks with the contemporary protection of metal.


TAMKO Enhances Limited Warranties

To underscore the quality construction of Heritage Series shingles, TAMKO enhanced all Heritage Limited Warranties with longer full start protection periods.

E.L. Craig

In 1944, at the age of 69, E.L. Craig began a roofing business in an old streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. Mrs. Mary Ethel Craig named the company TAMKO—from the first letters of the five states the company anticipated as its sales territory: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. She later assumed the leadership of TAMKO in 1954 due to Mr. Craig’s health. The Craigs’ daughter, Ethelmae, directed TAMKO’s operations during the ’50s and has continued as TAMKO’s chairman to this day. In 1960, Ethelmae’s husband, J.P. (Jay) Humphreys, became TAMKO’s president.

Jay Humphreys

Over the next 33 years, Jay Humphreys led TAMKO’s success with his entrepreneurial vision of growth for TAMKO with the addition of manufacturing plants in Phillipsburg, Kansas (1969); Tuscaloosa, Alabama (1975); Knoxville, Tennessee (1976); Frederick, Maryland (1978); and Dallas, Texas (1985). Mr. Humphreys set the course for TAMKO’s continued success with his vision of quality process management built on the continuous quality improvement principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

David C. Humphreys

Following Jay’s death in 1993, David Craig Humphreys (Jay and Ethelmae’s eldest son) assumed TAMKO’s leadership in 1994— the same year the company name changed to TAMKO Roofing Products, Inc. to reflect the company’s focus on roofing products. Since 1994, TAMKO’s expansion has continued at a dramatic pace, expanding TAMKO’s production capabilities for additional products.


TAMKO has come a long way in the roofing industry over the last seven decades. What started as a single line of asphalt shingles in Joplin, MO has blossomed into a large-scale manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products serving customers across the nation.

TAMKO products offer a powerful combination of cut, color and coverage to give customers the beauty and performance they need. This full line of products includes high-quality lines of shingles, above- and belowgrade waterproofing products, and cements & coatings—all designed to work together to provide optimum roof performance.

TAMKO Complete™
TAMKO is constantly evolving with the goal of offering the best roofing options available. It all starts with an understanding of what’s most important to homeowners and supplying contractors with the right products to meet the needs of customers. We call it TAMKO Complete.

Decking and Railing

Beginning in 1999, TAMKO entered the plastic composite decking business with its purchase of composite manufacturing equipment in Lamar, Missouri. Since then, TAMKO has rapidly expanded its production of decking and railing products. Our line of products includes composite deck, dock and railing products to enhance the beauty, performance and enjoyment of outdoor living spaces.

Building Products

As TAMKO has continued to grow, so has our product line. On June 1, 2006, TAMKO Roofing Products Inc. changed its name to TAMKO Building Products, Inc. to more accurately reflect that TAMKO manufactures more than just shingles.

We offer a complete line of accessories to help support our roofing and decking products, as well as building materials that include waterproofing, window and door wraps, asphalt cements and coatings, insulation facer and many of our own raw materials such as glass mat, dry felt, processed asphalt, paper cores, polyester mats and crushed limestone. From start to finish, TAMKO has the right products for any project.